Welcome to
Central Bark Station

"Central Bark Station is a place for your pet to stay and play all day." We attend to all your dog’s needs and attention, in a safe and caring environment. Have been providing a place to play since 2012 and have been happily growing to include all our new friends, from puppy to senior and all those in-between.

After a quick introductory session we will find the best play group that will be the most beneficial to him/her. Every dog’s will be customized with the dog’s safety and comfort in mind. We accomplish this by assessing them based on a few areas of specifics. After your dog has had a chance to acclimate to the new environment, we will introduce them to a few “starter dogs”.

These dogs are dogs that have come frequently and are well known to the staff. If that goes well we will introduce he/she to one of our main groups. If they don’t seem comfortable we will take a few steps back and give them some more time to adjust a little more. In time we will try to introduce them again at a later time. The main play groups we have at Central Bark Station are the tiny tikes, the goofballs, the big boys, and the puppy trouble group.